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See the market at a glance

Our Straddle View offers fast navigation and an intuitive way to view, sort and filter options prices, their real-time updated implied volatility levels, and their risk measures (option “greeks”).


Spot your optimal roll levels

When your positions approach expiry and you are looking to roll, our Roll Matrix helps you find the strike and expiry that suit your risk appetite. The Roll Matrix displays a roll orderbook (bid/mid/ask) calculated by combining prices in every leg in the market. Hover over the prices to see detailed buying and selling instructions to execute your roll.


Check volatility trends

Are options expensive or cheap relative to historical levels? Our VolMonitor ranks stocks according to their implied volatility (with choice of strikes), their historical volatility, and the difference (or “Edge”) between the two. It also displays their percentile rank so you can compare current levels to their 1-yr history.


Look Behind the Scenes

Did you know Options Combinations have their own order books at Nasdaq Nordic? We display all price requests sent to the exchange for combinations, including the different legs in the orders, so you can accurately monitor all kinds of activity and be inspired to join the action.


Explore combinations

StratLab lets you model option combinations using a simple drag-and-drop feature and indicates price levels the combination should trade at based on individual legs in the market. Your specific combination’s order book is displayed on the screen once your combination is on the exchange.

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Millistream Trader is a product from Millistream Market Data AB, a leading Nordic provider of real-time and historical market data.We’re a market data company, providing a full range of financial data via an architecture that combines low latency, high throughput and availability with ease of integration.

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Millistream Derivatives Module is a product from MktBeam AB, provided as a premium add-on to Millistream Trader. MktBeam develops user experience designs, user interfaces and analytics solutions for traders in financial markets. We are based in Stockholm, Sweden.

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